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Core De Force – MMA Power Review

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This review is on Beachbody’s Core De Force programs MMA Power workout.  It is 47 minutes long of kicking, punching, jumping, and sweating a ton while having fun.

This is one of the longest workouts in the program and the one I have so far burnt the most on.  It is tougher than the rest in my opinion.

There are 12 rounds and unique so far is that each round is different!  So you will do a large variety of moves in the long 12 rounds.

Moves include:

  • hooks
  • cross
  • uppercuts
  • push knees
  • snap kicks
  • side kicks
  • spiderman climbers
  • rolls
  • lateral jumps
  • vertical jumps
  • reverse lunges
  • clinch knees
  • roll jumps

You are introduced to some advanced moves:

  • Jump hooks
  • ground to fighter stance
  • slips
  • switch roundhouse kicks

I may have even missed some.  Variety is key on this one.

My legs were burning and core was exhausted at the end.  This is tough as it starts out fast and doesn’t stop.  You get a round or 2 where the moves are not as tough as most so you can regroup a bit but you will work hard so prepare yourself.

In the end it is a great cardio burner and one that will challenge you.  I burnt the most calories in any workout so far – 650 and had my heart rate max at 179 with an average of 158.

Check out my video review here.

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