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Core De Force – MMA Plyo Review

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This is a great 47 minute workout in Beachbody’s Core De Force program called MMA Plyo.  As you would expect by the name you will be off your feet some in this cardio workout.

In the 47 minutes you have a couple of minutes of warmup and cool down included but the rest of the time you will be kicking, punching and moving.

There are 12 rounds which consist of a 1 minute move, followed by a 30 second heart spiking move then repeat those 2 again for a total of 3 minutes per round.

Each round is different which keeps you thinking and concentrating.  Time moves fast in this one as you don’t have time to think about the clock just getting the moves correct and then increasing your speed in each.

There are some new moves as you get off your feet some more – flying superman punches, flying knees and some awesome sequences that really work your core.

Unfortunately my heart rate monitor was not working but it should have been well over 600 calories and I will check that next time.

Really enjoyed this one as it made it feel like a fight you are in.  Check out my video review here too.



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