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Core De Force – MMA Mashup Review

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This workout is one you can get when ordering the program from your Teambeachbody coach as it is a special one. This is where they take their favorite moves from many of the main workouts and put it into 27 minutes.

The workout has 6 rounds with each being 3 minutes as normal for this program. To me the first few rounds are not hard so your heart rate may not get too high. My suggestion is to increase your intensity as much as you can for the first 3 rounds to get the most of it. What I mean by that is go faster, reach further, lunge deeper and jump higher. The final few rounds does get you going as it brings in more of the cardio and body resistance moves so naturally they get harder.

In the first few rounds you do some elbows, jabs, crosses, lunges, and kicks. In the final few rounds you do Superman punches, alternating knee pulls, scissor pushups, jumps, etc.

Each round is different and you will do some of the moves you liked and maybe didn’t like so much from other workouts. This is a good workout if you have 30 minutes and/or want something new to do in the last few weeks of the program.

All in all I burnt 320 calories, had my heart rate max to 174 with an average of 146 for the 27 minutes.

Check out my video review here.

Let me know what you think.


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