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Core De Force – MMA Shred 2.0 Review

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This is a review of Beachbody’s Core De Force MMA Shred 2.0.  This is a new workout added after the program was released but you can access this and ALL of Beachbody’s workouts if you have All Access Beachbody on Demand!

This is a little harder and more intense than the original MMA Shred as it brings in some new combinations that work you just a bit harder.

There are 9 rounds with the usual pattern of 1 minute of a combination move, then 30 seconds of a more intense heart pumping move then repeat the 2 for a 3 minute round.  All rounds are unique so you do not repeat anything other than some of the spikes are repeated.  Many elbows, slashes, Jabs, Crosses and kick in this one.

My heart rate did not get as high as I usually do so it may have been just a fluke today but I burnt 455 calories, had my heart rate max to 173 with an average of 143.

Good workout with sweat dripping from round 3 onwards.

Check out my video review here as well.


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