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Shift Shop: Speed 25 Review

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This is a review of the first workout in Beachbody’s latest program (Shift Shop) called Speed 25.

This is a 3 week program which progresses from 25 minute workouts to 35 and then 45 in the final week.  I will be reviewing each workout as I go through my first round with honest feedback and comments.

Speed 25 is as you would expect 25 minutes of pure cardio.  There is no warmup I think because the first few moves are not that intense and help you get ready for the tougher ones that follow.  There are 16 different moves and all are 1 minute long.  Variety is really nice here as you do not have any repeating moves.

They use markers which you can buy from Beachbody but you can use anything similar to them.  In this workout you only use 2 of them and they are placed 2-3 paces away from each other.

Some of the moves include: jump ropes, mountain climbers, butt kicks, bear crawls, high knee runs and many variations of jump moves.

There is a modifier and Chris is a great instructor and motivator so all you need to do is follow his instructions.

To me the start is slow then the pace picks up.  You get what you put in so intensify the moves if you need more but towards the end you will be spent in this workout.  My legs felt it the most as all of the moves leave your legs burning.

There is a 3 minute stretching cool-down at the end.  I burnt around 320 calories with my heart rate maxing around 174 and averaging around 146 so pretty good for 25 minutes.

You can check out my video review here.  And if interested in finding out more about the program check out all the details on my program page.

Let me know what you think of the workout as well below.



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