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Shift Shop – Strength 25 Review

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This is part of the Shift Shop workout program and is the first strength training routine.  It is 25 minutes long with a couple of minute warmup and a 3 minute cooldown.  Once you begin it move fast.

There are 15 different moves that hit every part of your body.  Each are 1 minute in length and there is little break in between the sets.  You will do a leg move then and upper body or core move and then alternate until the end.

You should use light to medium weights as the moves are 1 minute in duration with no breaks.  I used 20lb dumbells for the upper body and 25’s for legs this first time out and that seemed pretty good.  I may increase on some of the moves next time.

Chris does a great job explaining the proper form in each move and teaches as you workout.  Love his style so far as he is a great teacher and motivator.  Adds in some humor too.

Moves include: squats, pushups, shoulder presses, upright rows, kickbacks, Renegade rows, hip thrusts, lunges and more.

Solid routine with great variety.  If you like lifting heavy weights this is not that type of workout as you go lighter and do a ton of reps.  Time moved fast as well.

Burnt a nice 310 calories in the 25 minutes with my heart rate maxing at 166 and averaging 133.

Check out my video review here.


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