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Shift Shop – Core Review

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This is the basic core (ab) workout program as part of Shift Shop.

It is about 12 minutes long with no cooldown.  There are 9 moves and each one are either 45 or 60 seconds each.  It hits your entire core and I found it hitting your obliques probably the most.

The moves include:

  • Side knee tuck crunches
  • Power situps
  • Twisted Cabbage Patch situps
  • Plank stepovers
  • Rapid fire 8 crunches
  • V Heal taps
  • Swimmers
  • Wiper half circles
  • Situp and reach

The moves are variations on some of the common moves and I did like some of the variations.  I honestly did not find this that hard at all.  Some moves were for the 60 seconds.  There is a more advanced Core workout in this program which I will review shortly.

You can see my video review here.

I would love to hear your comments.



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