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Shift Shop – Super Shift Core Review

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This is the more advanced core workout from Shift Shop called Super Shift core.  It is about 15 minutes long with no cooldown so prepare to work from the start.

You will need a PT Sandbag or Dumbell for this and I suggest the sandbag as it is easier to hold on the moves.

There are 9 moves in which you use the sandbag or dumbell on all but 1.  The moves include:

  • V-ups
  • Suitcase
  • Downing Tap
  • Pillow crunch
  • Crunchy Climbers
  • Cliff Hangers
  • Around the World
  • Hips Dips
  • Downing Surprise

From the start my abs were burning and the first time through I needed to take a break on some as my abs were screaming.  My goal is to get through this all without any breaks.  The first few moves tire you out so wrap your mind around that.

I burnt 105 calories with my heart rate maxing at 150 and averaging 113 the first time doing this which is crazy for a core workout.  This is one I will do in this program going forward.

Check out my video review here.

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