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Shift Shop – Overall Program Review

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I have completed my first round of Beachbody’s program called Shift Shop and this is my summary review of the entire program.

The program is a 3 week program in total but there are options to continue with a Round 2 and even a hybrid program using other Beachbody programs as well.  This review will focus only on Round 1 which is where everyone who begins this program will and should start.

The trainer is Chris Downing and he does a great job explaining the moves and keeping you motivated while pushing you.  He is humble and makes it real.

In the 3 weeks you start with 25 minute workouts for the 1st week, progress to 35 minute workouts for the 2nd week and finish with 45 minute workouts in the final week.  Of course the moves get harder along with the increase in time.

Each week you alternate days between a cardio workout and a resistance one.  The workouts for the week are the same so you repeat each 3 times.  On the final 2 resistance workout days you add in an additional core workout as well.  So that takes up 6 days for the week and there is a workout for day 7 that focuses on Mobility and stretching to help you recover from the week’s workouts.

The program requires you to use dumbells on the resistance days and the use of their ‘markers’ is key for the cardio workouts.  The markers can be purchased from Teambeachbody or your coach directly and are important to have.  The amount of weights needed is light to medium as the moves are long and the workouts go fast.  This is NOT a weightlifting program that will bulk you up but will have you lift some good weights to give you an entire body workout.  I used 10-35lb dumbells myself this round with a bad shoulder as an example.

There are 2 core workouts and I liked them both so my suggestion is to do each once a week in the schedule.  Of course one is harder than the other but I liked the variety.

What I noticed is that my legs got the most work, followed by my shoulders and core.  This program is pretty light on your biceps, triceps and chest in my opinion even though you will hit those as well.  I added in some weightlifting at the end of the workouts to get some of that covered.

During the first week I felt my glutes and core sore the most.  This soreness did go away in the second week.  I noticed my stamina increasing throughout the program as well.

This program is for ANYONE.  There are modifications demonstrated in every workout and for those really fit you can push yourself hard enough to get a fantastic workout in.

Below is a chart showing my calories burnt, along with my heart rate numbers for each workout.  As you would expect I burnt more in the longer workouts than the short ones.

I really liked this program as it was unique and mixing up your workout programs to me is key to keeping things fresh and your body advancing and getting in better shape.

You can find a review of every workout here.

Contact me if you want to find out more about the program.  And if you are interested in buying it you can find it here but contact me first if you want the best deal out there.


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