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Shift Shop – Strength 50 Review

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This is my review of a workout called Strength 50 from Beachbody’s latest program Shift Shop.

This is the hardest Strength workout in the program and you do this workout in the last week of your second round.

In this workout there is a warmup and cooldown.  There are 10 moves you will do three times – 3 rounds.  The first round has 60 second exercises, the second round you move to 45 second durations on each, and then finally you go all out for 30 seconds.

Picking the proper weights will take a few times through as I used the PT Sandbag from Beachbody and found it too light for most of the moves so using a heavier dubmbell is what I will use next time.  You will need the Sandbag or a medium dumbell.

Most of the moves are combination moves meaning you will target more than one body part.  The exercises include:

  • Sandy Sumo
  • RDL Upright Row
  • Superman Pull
  • Prisoner Press
  • Bridge Press
  • Double Cross
  • Sticky Bear
  • T-Row
  • Bailouts
  • The Wrestler

I thought this workout hit my shoulders, legs and biceps the most.

There is a little surprise at the end — so when you think you are done you may want to think again ?

Overall a solid full body workout and I burnt 510 calories with my heart rate maxing at 171 and averaging 135.

Check out my video review as well here.

Let me know what you think.


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