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Core De Force – MMA Speed 2.0 Review

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This is the latest Core De Force Speed workout called Speed 2.0.  In the original or basic program they introduced MMA Speed and this adds a bit of intensity to that one and new moves to mix things up.

It is about the same amount of time as MMA Speed, includes 6 rounds which involve a 1 minute move, then you do a 30 second ‘spike’ move and then repeat those 2 again and that is a round.

The rounds include:

  1. Shuffle Forward, Jab, Cross, Shuffle Back, Jab Cross
    • Spike is High Knee Jump Rope
  2. Rear Knee, Hook, Cross
    • Spike is Roll Jumps
  3. Switch Knee, Cross, Front Uppercut, Cross
    • Spike is Lateral then Vertical Jumps
  4. Rear Knee, Switch Snap Kick
    • Spike is Alternating Clinch Knees
  5. Hook, Rear Uppercut, Hook, Rear Snap Kick
    • Spike is Switch Jumps
  6. Front Uppercut, Rear Knee, Switch Snap Kick
    • Spike is Ground to Fighter Stance

I felt this in my core without question,  Good workout that was also fun…but hard.  I burnt about 280 calories and maxed my heart rate up to a high 172 with an average of 140.

Check out my video review here.


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