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A Week of Hard Labor – Core Review

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This is my review of a workout called Core from Beachbody’s A Week of Hard Labor program.

This is a very good total core workout with some new moves.  If interested I posted a video of my review here where I explain the moves more.

Here is a breakdown of the moves.  Everything is 6 reps and the holds are 6 seconds.


  1. Crunch Twists
  2. Kneeling lower back stretch

Super Set

  1. Plank Combo (side, back & up, crunch)
  2. Hanging side to side knee raise/crunch
  3. Repeat above

Super Set

  1. Dipping plank
  2. Side Plank Crunch
  3. Dipping Plank
  4. Side Plank Crunch – other side
  5. Repeat above

Russian Twist with weight

  1. Side to side
  2. Side to side + front reach
  3. Front Reach – 6 seconds out, 6 second hold, 6 seconds back and repeat 6 times.

Super Set

  1. Plank Clock Raise – 6 directions
  2. Repeat on the other side
  3. Reverse Clock Raise – 6 directions
  4. Repeat on the other side

Super Set

  1. Hanging Leg Raise (6 count)
  2. Oblique Bucket Drop
  3. Repeat above

This is about 25 minutes long and a very good total core workout.


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