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A Week of Hard Labor – Total Body Review

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This is my review of a workout called Total Body from Beachbody’s A Week of Hard Labor program.

This is a unique workout for sure.  You do 5 moves only and range from 1 rep to 8 reps while adding in some holds during the moves as well.  Starts out easy but when you get half way through the first set (called Up the Ladder) you will really start to feel it I am sure.

If interested I posted a video of my review here

Here is a breakdown of the moves.  

Up the Ladder: 1-4 reps building, 5-8 reps with holds

Do the following 5 moves in sequence starting with 1 rep each, then 2, then 3, then 4

  1. Deadlift –  (medium weight)
  2. Front Rows (medium weight)
  3. Decline Pushups
  4. Lateral Raise (light weight)
  5. The Combo (light weight)

When you get to 5 reps you add in holds for 5 seconds, 6 second hold for the 6 reps until you get to 8 second holds for 8 reps.

Down the Ladder: 8-1 reps declining  

Do the following 5 moves in sequence starting with 8 reps each, then 7, etc down to 1

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th moves are slightly modified so pay attention.

  1. The Combo (light weight)
  2. Front Raise (light weight)
  3. Narrow Pushups
  4. Reverse Rows (medium weight)
  5. Deadlift –  (medium weight)

This will work your entire body if you pick the correct weights.  I burnt 700 calories the second time through this workout which I really felt.


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