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Body Beast Lucky 7 Review

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Today I did Lucky 7 for the first time and will say this is quite different than other Beast workouts.  It is ‘only’ 22 minutes long but very fast paced.

You do 1- 7 reps with 7 different sets.   Each set is a combo so you start by doing 1 rep of each move, then without pause you do 2 reps of each move…all the way up to 7 reps.  So you need to pick some light weights as when you get to 5-7 reps it burns.

It is really meant to be done with an EZ Curl bar but you can use dumbells as well – which I did today.  Here are the combo sets:

  1. Pushup+Clean+Squat – 20lbs
  2. Deadlift+Bent over Row – 20lbs
  3. Skull Crusher+Press+Crunch – 15lbs
  4. Curl+Military Press+Squat – 20lbs
  5. Delt Raise+Reverse Lunge – 10lbs
  6. Lat Oblique Twist – 10lbs
  7. Upright Row+Calf Raise – 15lbs

My guidance is to use the weight you can complete all with on your weakest move of the combination.  Example: on the 3rd Set use the weight you can get through all Skull Crushers with.  You will find those to be hard but the press and crunch not as hard.

I burnt 305 calories in this quick but not easy workout and had my heart rate max at 169 and average 144.

Remember you need to get through all!


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